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Map of the West African colonies where Captain Peter Strickland traded.
Created by Shelly McCoy, University of Delaware Library, ESRI Data and Maps, 2005.

Strickland's first journal entry, Jan. 1, 1857. His last journal entry was in 1921. Peter Strickland Papers, University of Delaware Library, Newark, Del.

Title page to book by Peter Strickland, A Voice from the Deep (Boston: A. Williams & Company, 1873).

Envelopes mailed to U.S. Consul Peter Strickland from Boston, Mass., 1889 and Clarksville, Tenn., 1905. Author's collection.

Letter from Peter Strickland to French authorities about a shipwreck, 1895. National Archives, Dakar, Senegal.

Peter Strickland's official archives from the US Consulate in Gorée, Senegal. Now in National Archives II.

Postcard sent by U.S. Consul, with Strickland pencil drawing and labels, 1901. National Archives II.

Presidents Abdou Diouf and Bill Clinton in the Peter Strickland courtyard on Gorée Island, Senegal, April 2, 1998. Photo by Andrew Baird.

Author and first U.S. consulate on Gorée Island, in Senegal. Photo by Djibril Albert Ndiaye.

Peter Strickland gravestone, Cedar Grove Cemetery, New London, Conn. Photo by author.




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