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Postales Salvadoreñas del Ayer/Early Salvadoran Postcards
Author: Stephen Grant




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The hand-tinted postcard depicts the Blue Room of the National Palace in San Salvador, El Salvador. Under the title on the card is the handwritten date, July 12, 1912, that the postcard was sent from San Salvador to Havana, Cuba.
This room is where the Salvadoran National Assembly deliberated and presidents were sworn in.

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When I heard that this historic room was being restored, I made a high-resolution digital enlargement of this card I had acquired from a French postcard dealer to show to the crew. They were preparing plaster and mixing colors but they had no clear idea of probable colors a century or so before. You can see the astonishment on the face of a crew member when she looked at this very picture. The power of a postcard was in the utility to help inspire restoration efforts in an historical edifice.


Presenting a copy of my book to the Salvadoran vice-president, Carlos Quintanilla Schmidt.

Illustrious company for my book in a San Salvador book shop: next to Cezanne, Gauguin, and “the Little Prince.”



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